Algebraic General Topology. Book 1

Algebraic General Topology. Book 1

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Algebraic General Topology

Is this field of mathematics simple to understand? Do I have to memorise complicated formulas? Can any beginner or aspiring mathematician learn this?

If you have ever asked these questions, then this book will answer them all and show you in a systematic manner How Algebraic General Topology Can Easily Be Mastered by Anyone

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This book; “Algebraic General Topology” is a must have by any aspiring and experienced Mathematician. It is fully loaded with tremendous developments that has taken place within Algebraic General Topology over the past years, most of these developments are unknown to some Mathematicians

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When you understand the Algebraic General Topology, the concepts and salient ideas, you will be able to easily handle and solve any problem without any stress or difficulty.

Victor Porton, a great author has put together the book Algebraic General Topology to showcase surprising outcomes and tremendous developments that has taken place within algebraic general topology over the past years. This developments are surely going to revolutionize the fields of natural science, such as engineering, physics and economics.

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This new discoveries have taken algebraic general topology to an entirely new level by compressing several theories of calculus into a single but simple AGT equation.

Also, the theories of uniform spaces and topological spaces are now uniquely revolutionised.

Algebraic General Topology is a solid book that will show you in a systematic manner How Algebraic General Topology Can Easily Be Mastered by Anyone


You will be excited, you will be blown away when you finally lay your hands on this amazing book “Algebraic General Topology” that will show you recent and surprising deployments within algebraic general topology that are already impacting positively on science and other related fields of study


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  • Ready to learn virtually new methods to representing binary relations as funcoids

  • Ready to learn several ways of expressing pseudo difference

  • Ready to know more about distributivity of qausicomplements

  • Ready to learn about simplicity of operating with infinities as something “whole”, not a mess of parts

  • Ready to get the three line proofs of some analysis theorems

  • Ready to know about the relationship between funcoids and reloids

  • Know about the relationship between convergence and continuity

  • Ready to know how to study multivalued functions as easy as a single value

  • Ready to learn how to easily analyse non-continuous functions

  • Ready to learn how to upgrade or downgrade a set regarding a filtrator

  • Ready to know the relationships between cross composition and subatomic products

  • Learn how to conveniently rearrange a collection of sets

  • And many more


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